Artist Teddy Bear Gift

Fun & Personal Art Gift for Artists & Art Students, Art Teachers or that Gifted Child! The Bear's smock can even be personalized just for them!

Artist Teddy Bear

15" Tall with Movable Arms & Legs!
Includes Beret, Smock, Paintbrush & Paint Palette. Made in USA!

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$79.95 - Free Shipping*

This adorable Bear is a creative little critter with its smock, beret, paint brush and painter's palette! It makes a great stuffed animal gift for artists, art students, an art teacher, a gifted child, graphic artist, or anyone who is creative!

Standing 15" tall, this artist bear is lovingly designed, cut, sewn, stuffed, and stitched in Vermont. And our Artist Teddy Bears are also hypoallergenic. They're even bathable, so don't be afraid to give them a bath once in a while. You can hand wash or just put them in a pillowcase and let 'em ride around in your washing machine (on the GENTLE cycle).
But, PLEASE don't put them in the dryer. They're Vermonters and can't stand the heat.

Choice of Fur Colors.

$8.99 - Personalization on the Smock:
2 lines, maximum of 8 characters each line.
The personalization will be applied, not embroidered and may delay your order by 1 or 2 days.

$4.95 - Optional Goatee for Male Artist Bears

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