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Pansy Floral Umbrella

A pretty Pansy umbrella featuring beautiful Pansies with auto open design.

Pansy Umbrella

• Auto Open Umbrella
• 35" Shaft & Handle
• 48" Canopy  Arc The Arc is the measurement across the TOP of the umbrella canopy when it is open.
• Metal Umbrella Tip
• Wind Resistant Fiberglass Ribs

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$29.95 - Free Shipping

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This pretty umbrella features Pansies in all your favorite colors and a butterfly too! Our pansy flower umbrella has an auto open umbrella button, wind resistant fiberglass ribs and a classic hook handle. This umbrella will make a great umbrella gift for just about anyone who loves flowers!

These beautiful umbrellas open to a generous 48" canopy and are approx. 35" long. If you need a umbrella gift idea, try this popular flower umbrella.


48" Canopy Arc (122cm)
35" Long (89cm)
41" Diameter (104cm)

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