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Animal Eyeglass Holders

Adorable and Fun Animal Eyeglass Stands Starting at $14.95.


$19.95 - Free Shipping


$19.95 - Free Shipping

Toucan Bird - Special Savings!

$14.95 - Free Shipping


$19.95 - Free Shipping


$19.95 - Free Shipping

Dimensions Approx. 4 - 4 1/2" High

Made of Acrylic Resin.

Your Eyeglass nose pads rest on the front of the nose of these animal eyeglass holders. There is a slot in the back of these animal eyeglass stands for your eyeglass temples to fit in when they are folded. If you need a animal gift idea for an animal lover or a kids eyeglass holder, give these a try!

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Eyeglass Holders

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