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Beautiful Folding Vintage Print Umbrella in a compact size.

A Pretty Vintage Umbrella Featuring a Floral, Nature Prints by Artist Heather Myers.

Vintage Folding Umbrella

• Auto Open - Auto Close
• 44" Canopy
• 11" Closed
• 22.5" Extended
• Sure Grip Rubberized Handle
• Deluxe Polyester Fabric
• Matching Fabric Cover

Reg. $34.95
$24.95 - Free Shipping

Our vintage umbrella features a collection of butterflies, birds and other vintage designs by Artist Heather Myers. Her collage of natural, architectural and fashion is featured on this unique vintage umbrella. If you need a pretty umbrella gift idea this includes Free U.S. Shipping!

Our vintage folding umbrella is a compact 11" long and 1 1/2" wide when closed. This art umbrella has a full size 44" canopy arc of deluxe polyester which doesn't sag when wet. The automatic feature opens the umbrella with the touch of a button and then collapses the canopy when pressed again. A handy matching cover protects your folding umbrella and keeps other things in your tote, glove box or purse dry!


11" (24cm) - Closed
22.5" (57cm) Long - Extended
44" (112cm) Umbrella Canopy Arc
41" (102) Diameter


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