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Clip Earrings:

Don't have pierced ears or just prefer clips ..... we can turn many of our earring styles into clip earrings!

Many of our Dangle Style Earrings are available with clips for only $5.00 more! In addition you can find clip earring styles in our Artist Palette Jewelry Collection. Clips are either Silver or Gold Plated depending on the design. A smooth hinge action and slightly curved pads give a secure, yet gentle hold.

Clip Earring Close Ups
Close-up of Clip Earring Ear Clips.

Just browse our earrings by theme, availablility will be shown under the Options Tab. You will be able to add the Clip Earring Option when adding the earrings in your Shopping Cart.

Please note, it may take 7-10 days extra for shipping. If you want to check the timeframe for delivery or don't see the option on earrings you are interested in, please Email Us and indicate what pair of earrings you wish to have converted.

Butterfly Clip Earrings

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