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Art Style LED Candles with Flicker Light & Timers - Blow, On - Off Feature!

Real Wax LED Candles Featuring Art by Monet & Van Gogh and other Beautiful Gift Designs

Add the warmth and romance of flickering candlelight without dangerous flames, heat or messy melted wax. Our Real Wax LED Candles give the warm feeling of a burning candle with their Realistic Flicker Bulb and come in a variety of art & gift styles!

Each beautiful LED Candle has a unique Blow On - Blow Off feature and their timer can be set to shut off in 2, 4, or 6 hours. Battery operated, the LED flicker bulb will last hours and hours and since it never burns down this candle will make a wonderful, lasting gift that is fun yet safe! is a Secure Site that respects your Privacy. Copyright copyright, All Rights Reserved.