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Chain Length - 16" or 20" Necklace Option vs Standard 18" Necklace

Choose a 16 or 20 Inch Sterling Silver Chain on Select Necklace Styles

20" Necklace Chart showing 16, 18, 20 & 24 inch chains.
Necklace Chart Showing Average
16", 18" and 20" Chain lengths. is now offering a 16" to 20" Necklace option on some of our most popular necklace styles!
An 18" chain is the standard necklace length and will fit the average woman well. However, there are several reasons that a 20 inch necklace or a 16 inch necklace is a better choice.

  • A 20 inch necklace hangs below the collar bone on most women and accentuates a Moderate V or Plunging Neckline.

  • For some women, an 18" necklace may fit more like a choker. A 20" necklace gives more breathing room and allows a pendant to hang in a more comfortable and attractive place.

  • A 20 inch necklace is a good choice if the necklace is to be worn over a turtleneck or cowl neck sweater.

  • A 20" chain is sometimes more proportionate with a larger Pendant.

  • A 16" chain is a good option for girls, petite women or when a choker look is desired.
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If you do not see the 20" Necklace Option on the style of necklace you are interested in or if you want an even longer chain, please Contact Us as we may be able to arrange a substitution for the 18" chain with a special order.

Some of Our Popular Necklace Styles with 16" and 20" chain options:

20" Butterfly Necklace with 20" chain option
Butterfly Necklaces

Hummingbird Necklaces
20 inch Sea Turtle Necklace with 20" Chain
Sea Turtle Necklaces

Art Palette Necklace with 20" Chain Option
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